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Trust the Process Painting No. 1

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

My previous painting of the bees turned out fun and the recent silhouette of me turned out fine... I let my heart guide me on the painting but I wish I would have let my brain guide me a bit more for the colors.

Texture and Style

I like to fall somewhere between expressionism and impressionism, and every time I make an effort to not do one of those, it ends up one of those. The texture calls my name and I think I should follow that call.

Sad for the wasted paint once I finished, I took my palette knife and smeared it on a fresh canvas. To my surprise, I really liked the palette knife smear and the colors on the new canvas. It was the same as the silhouette painting but all of a sudden I liked the colors more. Maybe the key is to create the palette in it's entirety before I begin painting?

#10in10 #painting

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