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Lessons From a Lime - Painting No. 5

My latest painting, Seeds in Citrus, is finally dry and ready to be added to the store. The theme of this one was simply summer citrus. The refreshing colors of blood orange, lime, and pineapple.

The painting was quite easy and enjoyable to paint with these bright colors on a neutral background.


Not enough juxtaposition... Not enough depth... Not enough of a contrasted subject to keep you coming back for more? But maybe that is okay, it might just be a painting that makes you feel happy. :)

In planning my next painting, I would like to make sure it is about something interesting. The picture of me throwing up on the side of the interstate makes me laugh, and I think is interesting but does it actually say anything? Does it have a message? Can I make it have a message? I keep going back to it when thinking of ideas for what's next.

Till Next Time


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