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Creamy Coffee Painting No. 2

Creamy Coffee has put me in an excitement that has officially started the process. I got really high engagement on everything I posted and it has inspired me to take the next step.

The Next Step

I bought the domain, set up the wix, created a business plan and finally justified the idea of upgrading my phone for better camera quality.

With a better camera I have decided to start a youtube channel. Why not... I mean I have things to share with the world and it will at least help me be consistent with blogging. Youtube can be quite lucrative so I might as well give it a shot. Here's a list of things we will need to complete to be fully launched.

Painting Business Launch:

  1. Buy a domain

  2. Purchase Wix

  3. Design Wix site

  4. Take photos of all work

  5. Set up drop shipping

  6. Upload drop shipping onto website

  7. Launch Website

  8. Set up Youtube

  9. Launch first Youtube content

  10. Post to LinkedIn

#10in10 #painting

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